Preparing for a Winter Trip


Traveling during winter season calls for adequate preparations taking into consideration the weather and desired destination and planned activities. It is of Paramount importance that before embarking on any journey to double check and counter check that all is in order. The planning of a journey during winter involves first and foremost making sure that one is able to keep warm personally and this calls for adequate warm clothes, gloves, headgear, and boots. This will form the backbone of your gear whereas you will add other gear depending on activities that you plan for the winter vacation. Most winter trips will mostly entail travel to skiing resorts in havens on the Swiss Alps or far North of Continental America like Canada. These locations are known for extreme cold conditions so we cant emphasize enough on the importance of the right gear.


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Once in location after a flight to these destinations, you will need to rent a car to ease your movement through this treacherous conditions. The right car to rent at this time should be preferably an allwheel drive vehicle able to handle the conditions and equipped with the right tires for this icy roads. Even though the tires may be winter season it is also important to have snow chains in case you get yourself in those situations where traction is a serious problem. Snow chains are normally not fitted in the tires but are a necessity and need to be in the trunk for immediate use when needed. It would be a serious tragedy to get stuck during snow storms as you risk getting frostbite and gangrene from exposure to cold weather.

The vehicle needs also to be equipped with top of the range headlights and fog lights to deal with visibility issues as wintry weather is usually low plagued by low visibility owing to fog and snowfall. The car also has to be in perfect running condition and well maintained. Basic mechanical repair implements like;
•  Carjack
•  wheel spanner
•  spare
•  spanner kit
•  flashlight
•  firefighting equipment
These things need to be a basic part of the deal.
Thus its very wise to rent your car from reputable firms that have a track record of excellence in service delivery and a firm support network. A good firm will always ensure that the car is shaped and perfect state for the season. They also ensure that you check out the vehicle before hiring and this is usually done against a checklist to prevent friction and discrepancies when returning the car after use.

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Your winter travel can be a Bliss if you partner and rent your car from reputable and responsible car hire company that intends to give the best services and have foresight, taking into consideration that though the vehicle belongs to you during the time you have hired it, it also belongs to them in the long run. This kind of company will have insurance that not only covers the damages to the car in an accident but also have the foresight to include in their fees a personal accident insurance cover for the driver.